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Southwark Minibus Hire



Southwark – HOME 
Our Southwark minibus hire has been operating as a business for a long time. Our goal is to deliver our clients to their destination and have a relaxing experience whether they are attending a funeral, meeting or community workday. We have gradually built a reputation for quality service among residents of the city. We understand the needs of our clients and always go the extra mile to make sure that everyone in your party is comfortable. 
When you want to hire your minibus, one of your first considerations is size. We have a large fleet so it is easy to select a coach that matches your group well. If you are traveling with 90 schoolchildren and require a bus for a long journey, our Southwark minibus hire can help. If you need a bus that comfortably seats 8 people, we can also supply you with luxurious choices. Let us take you to museums, meeting rooms and restaurants around Southwark in style. 
Flexible Services 
Flexibility is one of the characteristics that our minibus hire in Southwark is known for. It doesn’t matter where you need to go. We can help you to reach locations in the city and far from the city centre on time. See us first for comfortable private transportation to the following destinations: 
Elephant and Castle 
East Dulwich 
We offer affordable transportation for a wide variety of trips in the SE postcode area. Business people rely on us to carry managers and potential partners to meetings. We help with transporting large groups of employees to seminars and training sessions within and around Southwark. Our friendly drivers help to ensure that everyone arrives feeling refreshed and ready to participate in the day’s activities. 
Safety First 

While our buses have a wide range of amenities for your comfort, such as overhead lights and carpets, our primary concern is your safety. Seat belts are provided on all of our buses for use by adults and our younger passengers on museum excursions, family trips or birthday celebrations. Tinted windows and curtains maintain your privacy but they also protect your eye’s from the sun’s glare as you travel within the northern quarter or southern half of the borough.  
You can help to ensure that everyone follows the rules you have set out by using our PA system. This also makes it convenient for you to keep business teams up to date on informant related to training sessions, seminars or conferences that they are about to attend. Seats can be adjusted to the position that is best for your body, so you feel relaxed throughout your journey. 
The buses that our minibus hire in Southwark selects for our fleet are known for their reliability. We offer our clients Mercedes 16 seater and Ford transit coaches. We also have Iveco coaches for long trips around the countryside. Our entire fleet is maintained by a team of skilled technicians who see your safety as their first priority. Trust us to get you to taverns, the theatre and hotels without a hassle at any time of the day or night. 
Southwark Attractions 
With our licensed chauffeurs at the wheel of our minibus hire, you can relax and put all of your energy into having fun, instead of having to plan your route and find your way to various destinations. Rest assured that even after a night of partying, you will find your way safely back to your hotel or any other location.  
Venues such as Southwark Playhouse offer a wide range of activities for members of your group to choose from. This theatre does not only host events, it acts as a resource for everyone in Southwark. Have drinks with friends at the bar and see the following theatrical performances: 
Soggy Brass 
The Renegade Academy 
Cyrano de Bergerac 
The Toxic Avenger 
Visit the Cuming Museum on Walworth Road to shop, see the exhibitions or take an educational tour with a group of students. Our minibus hire in Southwark leaves you free to concentrate on other aspects of planning for your trip, since we handle everything related to travel for you. If you enjoy weird and interesting artifacts, a trip to this museum will certainly delight you. 
Surrey Docks City Farm is ideal for a day our with friends. The pigs there are twice as big as a man and there are rumours that they escape every now and then. They have learning disabilities projects, a wide range of courses for people with diverse interests and corporate volunteering opportunities. Entry is free. 
Affordable Trips 
We extend our services to suit your needs. When you need to pick up relatives and friends from the airport, we will do it for you. This leaves you free to concentrate on planning family events, knowing that your loved ones are in good hands. The packages that we offer are priced to meet your needs. This is one of the reasons why we have such a high client retention rate. 
Our trips work out to be much more affordable than those involving several cars. You will also have less of a problem with parking at weddings, graduations and other special events. Let our minibus hire help with your day trip or night out. Book your trip online via our customer-friendly website or call us today. 


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